Chamber-Based Nozzle System

This nozzle system is based on multiple coherent-jet nozzles sharing a common chamber, or manifold. In most cases the nozzles will be attached to the chamber using swivel balls, can accommodate many Cool-Grind nozzle widths and diameters, and are easily locked in position once aimed. Nozzles can be removed and plugged when not needed, or a plunger used to seal the nozzle without it being removed.

The inlet thread for the coolant to flow the chamber can be in the top, end, or side depending on the application. The NPT size of the inlet thread depends on the maximum number of nozzles fitted to the chamber, and the flowrate. Nozzle apertures are standardized but can be specified. Creep feed grinding nozzles are typically 0.075” jet thickness, and surface grinding and cylindrical grinding are 0.050”. A +/- 20 degree swivel is usually designed into the nozzle system .