Flat Fan Nozzle System

This nozzle system is based on multiple flat fan nozzles sharing a common pipe, or manifold. In most cases the nozzles will be attached to the chamber using male NPT threads. The flowrate from each fan nozzle is determined by the application, the pressure available, and the machine design. The fan angle is determined to cover the grinding area at the stand-off distance to the grinding wheel.

Flat fan nozzles have the advantage that they are less prone to clogging than a continuous aperture nozzle of the same exit area for the same width of grind

Centerless grinding nozzles are made to suit the wide of wheel, the diameter of the existing U-clamps and threads, and additional pipe for the clamps each side of the wheel.

HP scrubber nozzle manifolds for cleaning grinding wheels, are custom made due to the number of variations from machine to machine. Please contact Cool-Grind with your specifics.

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