GrindLoc-Line Kits

Grind-Loc kits are available for you to experiment with and see the benefits without having to decide what parts to buy. Our 15-nozzle kits includes quantities of all Grind-Loc parts that are available individually and are excellent for installation on multiple machines. Our 5-nozzle kits contain a more limited selection of our Grind-Loc products and are more suitable for installation on a single machine. If certain nozzles do not suit your machines Cool-Grind will swap them with more of what you can use. All kits are priced based on the cumulative price of their components with a discount of 10%. Click the links below to see the contents of each kit:

General Purpose Grinding Kit In Box With All Nozzle Options

Cylindrical Grinding Kit In Box With Typical Nozzle Options

Tool Grinding Kit In Box With Typical Nozzle Options

Contact Cool-Grind to substitute kit items not suitable for your machine with items you prefer, of similar value.

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Showing all 4 results