Individual GrindLoc-Line Components

This modular hose system is based on 2 different internal diameters, 1/2” and 1/4”, and can withstand 100psi by using external element clamps and hard plumbing. This system is based on the same ball size as Loc-Line (fully interchangable), uses coherent jet nozzles that swivel +/- 30 degrees, can telescope to different lengths without removing segments, and has low internal turbulence due to the lower flowrate from the smaller coherent-jet nozzles.  Standard flat nozzle jet exit apertures are 0.63″ x 0.05″ for the 1/2″ system and 0.38″ x 0.05″ for the 1/4″ system. Standard round nozzle exit diameter is 0.187″ for 1/2″ system and 0.125 for the 1/4″ system.The numbers shown after 12 or 14 in the part number indicate the exit aperture


  • Holds its position under high pressure
  • Delivers a coherent coolant jet so you get excellent heat removal without making contact with the wheel, saving nozzles
  • Sets up with ease! You don’t need a big wrench, and segments you’ve secured don’t move when you adjust the adjoining segments. (If you’ve used competing systems you know what a hassle this can be!)
  • Available in aluminum to eliminate the danger from sparking in oil coolant
  • Interfaces with Loc-Line components
  • Comes in convenient kits for cylindrical grinding, tool grinding, and universal applications, or as sub-assemblies and individual modular components. These kits allow for the installation of up to 15 nozzle systems, and include quantities of all parts that are available individually. If certain nozzles do not suit your machines Cool-Grind will swap them with more of what you can use.

Click Here for Example Grind-Loc System Installations

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Showing all 28 results