SlideLoc Manifold System

The SlideLoc manifold system is based on a sliding sub-manifold that any nozzle can be connected to. It is fitted to a linear rail to align the nozzle exactly to the part of the wheel doing the grinding. The sub-manifold is fitted with an anti-rotation key, that can be removed, when a non-keyed linear rail is used. The SlideLoc Manifold also includes a locking knob that clamps it firmly in position. The 3/8” size fits onto a 5/8” OD linear rail and has a 3/8” NPT threaded port at each end. The 1/4” size fits onto a 1/2” OD linear rail and has a 1/4” NPT threaded port at each end. Push-to-connect releasable hose fittings are typically used to connect the nozzle to a distribution manifold and can either be straight or elbowed, depending on how the tubing is routed, and are rated up to 145 psi. The flexible chemical resistant hose is rated up to 175 psi and comes in ½” OD for the ½” SlideLoc manifold, and 3/8” OD for the 1/4” SlideLoc manifold. The hose is designed to work with the push-to-connect fittings. The keyed linear rail is supplied in 9” lengths and has either a 5/8” or ½” OD. A thread can be added to one end of the linear rail. The SlideLoc system does not need to be used with push-to-connect hose fittings. High pressure or barb fittings can also be used.

Click Here for Example SlideLoc System Installations