Round Swivel Nozzle


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These nozzles fit into a Swivel Nozzle Clamp and are made to the shortest length to still give coherent flow. Jet diameter is 0.187” for 1/2” tube, 0.157” for 3/8” tube, and 0.125” for 5/16” tube. Other apertures are available upon request. Nozzles come with captive nut to fit a special Cool-Grind Swivel Nozzle Clamp. Make sure you order a swivel clamp in addition. Length including ball is 2” for 1/2” tube nozzle, 1.5” for 3/8” tube nozzle, and 1.0” for 5/16” tube nozzle.

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Dimensions 1.75 x .5 x .5 in


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