Copper Tube Nozzles

Straight Cut Copper Tube
 Photo details: Straight Cut Copper Tube with 14 Bar & 140 LPM

Some Problems with Open Metal Tubes

  • Dispersed jet, and air entrainment, especially due to cutting burrs
  • Crushing end of tube to create increased pressure and wider jet can give even more dispersed jet
  • Adjusted by bending, but will fatigue after several attempts
  • Jet aims changes when coolant flows, requires bend compensation
  • Need to be placed close to wheel to be effective, but then gets damaged
  • Rotation of tube in compression fitting changes aim, unless retightened
Crushed Nozzle Attempt
 Photo details: Crushing attempt on copper tube

Cool-Grind Solder-Fit Copper Nozzles

Flat Solder-Fit Nozzle
Flat Solder-Fit Nozzle
Round Solder-Fit Nozzle
Flat Solder-Fit Nozzle JetFlat Solder-Fit Jet
Round Solder-Fit Nozzle JetRound Solder-Fit Jet
Solder-Fit Coolant Nozzles
  • Cool-Grind can supply convenient pre-soldered brass on copper nozzle for greatly improved coolant delivery, much reduced flowrate, and higher jet speed.
  • Benefits include longer corner retention, cooler grinding, faster throughput, and more tools added to auto-loader.
  • The benefits when grinding steel tools are even greater