Project Analysis No.5


Market Sector : Grinding Machine Manufacturer

Type of Machine : Dual Wheel Grinding Machine

Reason For Contact : Custom Coolant Nozzles Required for Unique Grinding Wheel Profile

Form of Contact : Phone call from distributor


The owner of a grinding machine manufacturer was looking for a custom coolant application for a dual wheel grinding machine. After working with Cool-Grind on previous projects, he knew who to call for the job. The owner called Cool-Grind and the project began. After a conversation on the phone, it was decided that Cool-Grind would need a detailed drawing of the grinding wheel (fig. 1).

Due to the radius of the grinding wheel, it was clear that Cool-Grind’s Hypo-Grind Flex would be the best coolant nozzle for the job. With the use of Solidworks Cool-Grind was able generate an accurate layout for the needle nozzle endplate (Fig. 2). The Hypo-Grind Flex gives the user many different configurations in the endplate, however for this application it was decided to make a custom endplate with a fixed needle nozzle configuration. The Hypo-Grind and other supplemental coolant nozzles were supplied to the Grinding Machine Manufacturer (Fig. 3).

Shipment Photo

2" Hypo-Grind Flex
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1/4" Round Bent Nozzle w/ 6 Swivel Joints
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1/2” Flat Nozzle - X-Large
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1/2” Flat Nozzle - Standard
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1/2" Collet Fitting for Linear Adjustment
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Miniature Laser Alignment System - Flat
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