Air Barrier Animation
This simple animation shows the importance of proper coolant delivery.
  • A. Rotating grinding wheel
  • B. Air barrier formed by rotating grinding wheel
  • C. Low pressure coolant spray
  • D. High pressure coherent coolant jet
  • E. Machined part
In the centerless grinding operation photo, you can clearly see that the coolant from the nozzle is being deflected away by the air barrier that has the same velocity as the grinding wheel. The result is:
  • A dry grinding process, where the workpiece is quenched one revolution later, and can suffer thermal damage.
  • The regulating wheel is drenched with coolant and cannot control the peripheral speed of the workpiece, leading to 'spinners', accelerated wear of the regulating wheel, and chatter marks on the workpiece surface.
  • Excessive dressing of the grinding wheel due to loading of chips into the grinding wheel surface.
Balancing pressure, flowrate, nozzle aperture, and jet aim, using a Cool-Grind nozzle, is the best approach to better grinding.
Centerless air barrier