Spidercool is a supplier of actuated nozzles for machining and grinding applications. Collaboration over the last 8 years with Cool-Grind has focused on coherent-jet nozzle tips and units more focused on grinding.

Banyan Global Technologies

With over 45 years experience in the sales, service, design, and manufacturing industries, Banyan Global Technologies is a worldwide solutions provider for the Automotive, Aerospace, Medical, and Alternative Energy fields. Using only the finest manufacturing processes and industry leading design practices, they continue to grow through strategic partnerships with Fortune 100 customers and Best-in-Class suppliers.

Master Abrasives

Master Abrasives has been serving the UK’s abrasives needs for over 40 years and is based in Daventry, Northamptonshire, UK. The Master precision offering is centred around the Meister Abrasives Switzerland manufactured products in both conventional and superabrasives utilising vitrified bonding systems. With the capability of producing wheels from 1mm up to 1 metre in diameter for both internal and external applications, Master has customers utilising their products in automotive, aerospace, medical and semiconductor industries. Offering a comprehensive range of abrasive products, partners of Master include sia, Standard Abrasives, 3M, Saint-Gobain, Atlas Copco, Apex Tool Group, Dynabrade, Cratex, Urma Rolls and Darmann.

Abrasive Mart

  • Process Engineering Software Interactive on line and available to our customers 24/7.
  • Training for machine operators, engineering staff and anyone related to the abrasive and hard turning industry – on site at the customer facility.
  • Consulting for process engineering both on and off site including machine software.
  • Books through amazon.com and on their website site.
  • Partners, we also offer links to suppliers in the areas of abrasives, cutting tools, periphery support products and new equipment.
  • Free Download page offers a variety of basic and advanced technical papers and interactive spreadsheets.
  • Other Links offers links to a variety of organizations and businesses related to the abrasive and cutting tool fields.

Grinding Process Solutions

The mission of Grinding Process Solutions is to provide our customers with products and services designed to improve the efficiency of their grinding operations. We accomplish this mission by taking the time to understand our customer’s requirements and then working closely with our manufacturers to provide the right solutions. We represent companies that provide superb performance and value within their areas of expertise.

Grinding Process Solutions is proud to be the US distributor for SXS, Shanghai Xinlun Supersbrasives Co. LTD. SXS produces top of the line CBN and diamond wheels specifically designed for your application. Their vitrified CBN products range from extremely small fuel injector wheels to large, centerless grinding wheels and are used in variety of automotive, fuel injection, bearing, and tool grinding applications. Shanghai Xinlun Superabrasives is regarded as the premier superabrasive wheel manufacturer in China and is highly recommended for their wheel designs and consistent quality.

Grinding Process Solutions is also a sales representative for CDT, Continental Diamond Tools, and can help you get the right grinding wheel for your application. We supply plated, resin-bond, and metal-bond wheels, plus dressing tools. We also supply large centerless grinding and regulating wheels, SBS Balancers and Acoustic Emission Systems, and provide free process engineering support to all of customers on applications where our products are used.

Smart Skim

Universal Separators, Inc. is the manufacturer and marketer of the SmartSkim product line. SmartSkim products represent the best tools in the world for skimming and capturing floating oils and other contaminants from industrial process fluids. Their simple, low maintenance and ruggedly designed systems are easy to install and operate using little or no consumables. Their goal is to help our customers operate more efficiently at a reduced cost while greatly improving environmental performance.

Universal Separators, Inc., headquartered in Verona, WI, celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2008. Since their inception, the company has grown to become the leader in oil separation and coolant recycling. The company owns seven patents relating to the skimming and separation processes that make their systems operate so efficiently.

Originally the company’s customer base was heavily concentrated in the Midwest’s automotive industry. Their customer list now spans the world in numerous industries, including aerospace, energy, medical and transportation.