Twist-Loc is a highly adjustable, easily lock-able, and extremely re-configurable sub-manifold system, ideally suited to cutting tool grinding machines where batch sizes can be small to medium, and setups frequent. Most cutting tool grinding machines have fully populated manifolds with either plastic modular hose, or copper pipe fitted to every port. It is both difficult and inconvenient to remove and plug coolant ports that are not needed for a setup, resulting in excessive total flowrate which gives low coolant pressure. Twist-Loc manifolds, with the appropriate nozzles fitted, can be installed and removed in seconds, as can blanking plugs to temporarily seal un-needed ports.​

Cool-Grind’s Grind-Loc nozzles(100psi), Piranha nozzles (200 psi), and Rigid Nozzles (400 psi) can all be fitted to Twist-Loc single- and dual-port manifolds. The photo below shows two Grind-Loc fluting nozzles and one gashing nozzle fitted to a generic manifold.

Right photo shows two Twist-Loc brass female receivers that are permanently attached to two ports on a generic coolant manifold. The outer sleeve is pulled back to install ,or remove, the sub-manifold, in a similar way to an airline fitting. Since the female receivers are not valved, coolant will flow out if a Twist-Loc plug is not inserted before turning the coolant on.

In the left photo, the Twist-Loc single- and dual-port manifolds incorporate a ½” knurled knob that is used to stop the sub-manifold rotating after the nozzles are aligned, due to the coolant jet reaction force. Only a small torque is needed on the knob to lock the sub-manifold, even wearing rubber gloves.​

Overleaf, are shown the main components of the Twist-Loc system, such as female receivers, sub-manifolds, and a temporary plug.



Female Coupling, male thread​

​Female Coupling, female thread

​Plug Adapter​

Below is a photo of a Piranha nozzle setup on a tool grinder fitted with the Twist-Loc system. This system does not require wrenches, and therefore much easier to set up.​

Advantages of the Twist-Loc system includes:

  • Easy nozzle insertion, removal, and port plugging, especially with the inaccessible rear ports of the machine
  • Allows nozzles to be interchanged between similar grinders in the same cell.
  • Nozzles can be assembled offline, ready for the next job
  • Convenient platform for the more frugal Cool-Grind coherent jet nozzles, increasing pressure, increasing feedrates, decreasing wheel wear, and improving the surface integrity of the part
  • Nozzles do not move out of position due to coolant pressure
  • Nozzles can be quickly removed for wheel changes, and replaced

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