2-4" Wide Surface Grinding Coolant Nozzles

  • 2-4" Wide Surface Grinding Nozzles

2-4" Wide Surface Grinding Coolant Nozzles

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Coherent high pressure coolant nozzle for surface grinding. Surface Grinding nozzles and chambers are smaller than their creep-feed cousins and also based on a smaller swivel size. Standard nozzle aperture is 0.88″ x 0.05″, which covers 1″ wheel width increment. Round nozzles can also be fitted. Chambers up to 4 nozzles wide are available. Nozzles are easily removed and sealed with a ball. Plunger versions are also available to switch off unwanted nozzles when narrower wheels are used. Inlet threads are 3/4″ NPT female thread.

Part Numbers :

  • 2" with Plunger: CG-SURF-PLUNG-2W
  • 2" without Plunger: CG-SURF-2W
  • 3" with Plunger: CG-SURF-PLUNG-3W
  • 3" without Plunger: CG-SURF-3W
  • 4" with Plunger: CG-SURF-PLUNG-4W
  • 4" without Plunger: CG-SURF-4W