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Grinding Process Solutions

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The Grinding Process Solutions® book is designed to teach engineers and technicians how to improve a production grinding process. The book is unique in many ways.

It is a complete course for a grinding process engineer. The reader does not need any prior technical education. The book covers prerequisites like physics and statistics before tackling machine tools and grinding theory.

The ideas are presented with hundreds of pictures and a simple, direct writing style. This format makes the book a fun read and packs tons of information into a single volume.

All of the technical content in the book is practical. The author studied grinding theory at a research center and then spent 25 years solving problems in factories. Everything included in this book has been tested in production.

This is the only grinding book or class that integrates grinding theory into a structured problem-solving approach. In the end, the reader should be able to systematically improve any type of grinding process.

There is new content and explanations in this book that cannot be found elsewhere. For example, the approach for improving workpiece roundness on a centerless grinder is unique.


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