Hypo-Grind FlexCard Nozzle System

Hypo-Grind FlexCard Nozzle System

Hypo-Grind FlexCard Nozzle System

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  • Description
We are pleased to introduce our new coolant nozzle, the Hypo-Grind FlexCard, ideal for profiled grinding wheels used for creepfeed, surface, and cylindrical angular approach grinding. The greatest virtue of the design is the ability to be reconfigured to a new wheel profile within seconds, using an insertable card from the side of the chamber. Whilst the design could also be configured using a fully populated endplate of stainless steel needles, it is more cost effective to use a wear resistant Delrin front nose which is drilled to the same staggered pattern as our standard Flex nozzle. This offers a greater sealing area around each exit hole than individual flared needles could achieve, so leaks and drips are eliminated. The card that selects the jets is metallic and resistant to wear by abrasive recirculating from the filter system.
Another unique feature of the design is the card itself. We have pre-drilled the surface to allow users to accurately drill the required holes through it, in the desired jet pattern, without extensive CNC equipment, just a small $100 drill-press at the grinding machine will ensure each drilled hole aligns with the Delrin front nose holes. We also offer a service to drill the holes for you in at our facility, by sending you the CAD of the card and you overlaying your wheel profile on top, then indicating which holes we should drill through.

The chamber includes NPT female inlet threads placed on top, side and rear. Inlets not required can be easily plugged. NPT thread size is based on nozzle width (1/2″ NPT for 2″ & 3″ wide, 3/4” NPT for 4″ & 5″, & 1” NPT for 6″ & 7″ wide). 2-7″ widths are available. The Flex system is based on a jet pitch of 6 holes per inch of width, and also includes 2 NPT plugs for the unused chamber inlets

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Part Numbers:
  • 2" Wide : CG-HYPO-FLEXCARD-2W
  • 3" Wide : CG-HYPO-FLEXCARD-3W
  • 4" Wide : CG-HYPO-FLEXCARD-4W
  • 5" Wide : CG-HYPO-FLEXCARD-5W
  • 6" Wide : CG-HYPO-FLEXCARD-6W
  • 7" Wide : CG-HYPO-FLEXCARD-7W